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van Twuyver Reunion 2006

Fifty-eight people attended the first family reunion of the descendants of Jacob and Charlotte van Twuyver, held at the home of Dave and Gwen Twyver near Ladysmith, BC on August 11-13, 2006.

All twelve living grandchildren were there, most with their spouses and many with their entire families. Special guests were Frances and Lydia, widows of Jacob's sons Case and Jake. It was a relaxed, fun-filled weekend with lots of good food and great camaraderie. Everyone took advantage of the opportunity to catch up on family news and to share old memories.

At dinner on Saturday, Cousin Gwen made a poignant toast to growing up in the van Twuyver family in Prince Albert. See below.

Click here for the reunion photo album.   (click here to email Dave if you need the password.)

I remember blueberry picking and building teepees with dead pine trees (remember Den & Melvin). One time coming home I fell out of the car; auntie Treen saved my life.

I remember going to Grandma & Grandpa's on Sunday nights for tea and ginger snap cookies. Once in a while we would pick up a pint of neapolitan ice cream - that was a real treat.

I remember Grandpa snoring so bad when I slept the nights there. I'd wake him up to stop him making "those funny noises".

I remember my dad and uncle Jake playing chicken with their cars when they met each other on country roads. I wonder if there was as much screaming in their car as there was in ours

I remember Christmases. Can you imagine 30-35 people in one house! Eventually we had to rent the east end hall and all our extended families were there.

I remember Bob being Santa Claus. That was the most important part of the day.

I remember Grandma's flapper pie.

I remember Doc, and Chicken, Nipper, Dee-dee and Joe.

I remember David & Donna coming to my birthday parties.

I remember auntie Lydia being the gentlest mom I knew. Five kids and the patience of Job.

I remember when Janet and Marlene came to our family.

I remember babysitting Michelle. She woke up and started crying. I had to phone auntie Steph to come and resue both of us.

I remember Den sneaking me into the Strand theatre and then coming to watch the movie with me when he could. He was my "big brother", my best buddy. Though time and distance have set us apart, my feelings haven't changed.

I remember Eugene's giggle.

I remember Fern to be a beautiful girl. Now I am finding out that physical beauty is only skin deep; hers comes from the heart. She is my absolute angel in helping with my mom. It was my dream to be just like her when I grew up (my dad's biggest nightmare). But I am realizing that she is so special. God bless you Fern; you are one in a million and I still want to be just like you when I grow up. My dad would be so proud.

I remember my other Grandma saying how she loved Linda. How she was a second Carol Burnett, she was so funny.

I remember Grandma & Grandpa's backyard flooding so bad in the spring that I was scared to walk down the path to go to auntie Treen's across the back alley.

I remember uncle Charlie coming to town and taking all the kids in the back of his truck to the store for ice cream.

I remember uncle Case to be the quiet one. He was our gentle giant.

I remember auntie Steph's green pea soup. Now I'm living in Quebec and I still hate green pea soup.

I remember going to country dances with my mom & dad. When I was dancing with my dad all I ever saw was his tie clip and that was standing on his toes.

I remember going to Grandma & Grandpa's for lunch every day when I was in high school.

My kids remember Grandpa Santa Claus. The legacy has been passed on.

Let's all remember those that are gone -- they were special.

Let's all remember the good times -- they were many.

Grandma & Grandpa would be very proud of us.

Let's remember them.

- Gwen van Twyver, August 12,2006

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