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In Holland, children were traditionally named after their grandparents. Jacob's parents were named Cornelis and Trijntje and Charlotte's parents were Cornelis Jacobus and Stephani, so their first four children were named Stephani, Cornelius, Jacob and Catharina (=Trijntje). But they almost always used the short forms Steph, Case, Jake and Treen. The youngest three children received very Canadian names; Charles was known as Charlie and William as Bill.

Steph was born in Schagen, Noord Holland and Case was born at Millers Hill, their temporary home in Prince Albert after they immigrated. The others were born on the farm in Colleston; John died as a child.

The family name became "van Twuyver" when they came to Canada. Unlike in Holland (see this), Saskatchewan birth registrations in those days were somewhat casual, so Jake and Charlie were registered by the country doctor with a last name of just "Twyver". (Apparently, the family had not used the "van" for a few years around the First World War to avoid it being confused with German "von".)

Jacob worked at the mill in Prince Albert when they first arrived. They soon moved to the Colleston farm 10km east of town. (Jacob's sister Trijntje and John Kooy homesteaded at Fanford another 10km further east).

Thirty years later, after the children had all grown, Jacob and Charlotte moved back into Prince Albert. Jacob took a job at the meat-packing plant and they bought a house on Fifth Street where they lived for the rest of their lives. All of their children married and eventually settled within a kilometer of them in the East End of Prince Albert, except Charlie who moved to Tisdale, about 100km east.

Most of Jacob and Charlotte's grandchildren, however, left Prince Albert and are now spread out across western Canada, except for Gwendolyne near Montreal.

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