Jacob and Charlotte's Children
Family Reunion 2006
  van Twuyver - The name dates back to before 1600 in Noord Holland. It means "from the Wuijver" and was originally spelled van 't Weijver, van 't Wijver and van 't Wuijver, then evolved to van Twuiver and the most common form: van Twuijver (alternately spelled van Twuyver when the "ij" letter in the Dutch language is sometimes replaced by "y"). North American variations include van Twyver and just Twuyver or Twyver without the van.

Noord Holland - This Dutch province extends from Amsterdam and Haarlem in the south to Den Helder and Texel Island at the northwest corner of the country. The van Twuyver name originated here. Today most van Twuijvers still live in the region between Alkmaar and Den Helder in Noord Holland. Our branch of the family has its roots in Wieringerwaard and Zijpe near Den Helder.

Jacob van Twuijver was born in Den Helder in 1886. Charlotta Adriana Vermoet was born in Alkmaar in 1885. They were married in Den Helder on October 7, 1909 and emigrated to Prince Albert, Canada in 1911.

  Map of 19th Century
Noord Holland
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